We understand that a great culture breeds great people — and vice versa! Creating an environment where employees are happy and rewarded has a trickle-down effect on customer service and client results. That’s why we emphasize that culture is king, both within our own company and with our clients. We talk with our clients about their company culture and tirelessly recruit individuals who will fit their environment.

One direct result of our focus on culture is our employee retention rate, which is better than it has ever been and much higher than the industry average.  Keeping this competitive advantage means striking a perfect balance between setting aggressive but realistic expectations and creating an environment that enables employees to achieve their goals.  This environment is more than just a desk and a phone but a place where careers are formed, lifelong friends are made, and achievements are recognized and lauded.

We reinforce our strong people culture through a wide range of programs and benefits that have helped us earn recognition as one of the nation’s best places to work.

  • Compensation and Recognition Programs – CSI has one of the best compensation programs in the staffing industry, which enables us to attract and retain the industry’s best talent.  We also reward employees for hitting performance benchmarks through programs such as our Leadership Club and President’s Club programs. Top performers receive exciting year-end trips to destinations such as Las Vegas and the Bahamas.
  • Corporate Gym and Personal Training/Group Classes – CSI has always lived by the motto, “Work hard. Play hard.” In our Jacksonville headquarters, we take this to a new level with a 2,000-square-foot gym, group exercise classes, and an on-site personal trainer.
  • Health and Wellness Programs – CSI was recognized among the Nation’s Best and Brightest in Wellness in 2016 & 2017. In addition to our first-class workout facility, a Health and Wellness Committee provides healthy food alternatives monthly in the break room and educational information on healthy living. It even pays entry fees for employees who participate in local running events.
  • Company-wide events – Spread out across seven regional offices and other remote locations, the CSI team maintains its common culture and employee camaraderie with several gatherings throughout the year to review company performance and goals — and to have a great time!
  • Internal Communication (The PIT) — CSI’s social intranet site enables employees companywide to share documents, engage with fellow employees on best practices, and collaborate on projects. It’s also our digital gathering place to get to know each other better!

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