At The CSI Companies, we believe we have the unique opportunity to help individuals pursue their passions by connecting people with the right opportunities and connecting businesses with the right people. Through the sustainability initiatives of our parent company, RGF Staffing, we have adopted the following guiding principles:

Take responsibility for our actions

When people are free to pursue their passions, closing the opportunity gap becomes much more possible. We believe in making meaningful connections and taking responsibility for the wellbeing of our valued clients and candidates. As an employer, we strive to provide highly competitive compensation and benefits packages to people who have entrusted their careers to us. As a staffing provider, we make sure our clients know we have their best interests at heart and that we will do everything possible to help build strong and empowered teams they can feel good about.

Contribute to the wellbeing of our community

At CSI, health and wellness are paramount to our success. Our robust corporate wellness initiatives foster a healthy environment for our team members through benefits such as an on-site gym, reimbursement options for wellness memberships, corporate-sponsored fitness events, and an annual health fair. We encourage team members take part in activities that promote holistic wellbeing: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Outside of our office walls, we invest in nonprofits that make a visible impact on our youth. CSI Gives Back partners with organizations such as High School 9:12 and The Duval County Public Schools who ensure that students have what they need to succeed, from uniforms to college entrance exam prep courses. Students are our future workforce and an investment in them is an investment in a better future for all.

At CSI, we extend our community contribution beyond providing candidates with flexible job opportunities and connecting clients with top-tier talent. Through our local support commitment, we partner with organizations near and far to meaningfully impact the lives of those in need. CSI Gives Back is the Heart of The CSI Companies.

Promote businesses that contribute positively to society

We establish partnerships with businesses of all kinds, including those that are minority-owned, veteran-owned, and woman-owned in order to celebrate diversity and inclusion. CSI sponsors training and certification courses for consultants that qualify. We commit to finding paths for individuals to achieve their aspirations. In the words of our parent company, RGF Staffing, maximizing human talent is our core business.