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January 29, 2019
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February 14, 2019

CSI Healthcare IT has been ranked as the 2019 Category Leader in Go-Live Support in the 2019 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report by KLAS Research, a leading healthcare information technology data and insights firm.

CSI’s Healthcare IT division ranked #1 in Go-Live support and demonstrated how its robust methodology, high-quality resources, and commitment to client success equates to an unmatched go-live experience.

KLAS Category Leader designation recognizes software and services vendors who have made a notable impact across health systems. Customer loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value are factored into the total category score. In 2019, CSI Healthcare IT earned a score of 95.5, the highest in its segment. The KLAS average score for Go-Live support is 90.8.

“Our experience, expertise, and the versatility of the resources we provide to our clients ensure that their Go-Live project is fully supported from day one,” said Kate Mays, CSI’s Healthcare IT Division President. “The KLAS Category Leader designation authenticates our commitment to putting clients first and we couldn’t be more excited to be recognized for that.”

KLAS Konfidence refers to the number of unique organizations contributing evaluations to the overall score (minimum of 6 required). CSI Healthcare IT achieved the highest level of KLAS Konfidence in its score, indicating that it has received more than 15 unique organization evaluations from its clients.

“CSI Healthcare IT has been really good, and they have done things in good faith. They went forward and started putting together a team for our at-the-elbow support before we even signed the contract. That was phenomenal.”


“CSI Healthcare IT exceeded our expectations. They did a grea­­­­t job at managing the resources they brought on. If an individual was not meeting our expectations, CSI Healthcare IT would find a replacement. The resources were well prepared, well organized, and effectively managed. CSI Healthcare IT also did a great job identifying when staff members were no longer needed. That really set CSI Healthcare IT apart from other firms.”

Access the full 2019 KLAS report here.

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