4 Tips for Taking a Great LinkedIn Photo

Our 20th Dreamer Shelby
August 14, 2020
Jessica Winter The Kindly Brontosaurus Always Gets His Way
The Kindly Brontosaurus Always Gets His Way
November 6, 2020

Finding the right LinkedIn photo shouldn’t be stressful. Here are four tips for finding (and taking) the right photo for your LinkedIn profile.

1. Make It Recent

So much can change in just a few months (hint: 2020). So why wait years to update your profile photo? If you met a potential business partner or employer today, they shouldn’t have play a game of Guess Who to figure out who you are.

2. Get Up Close

Adventure is out there… but your profile photo shouldn’t be. If in your current profile photo, you’re standing on a mountain hundreds of yards away, taking up less than half the icon, consider taking a closer photo where your features are clear and visible. A headshot is ideal for that very reason: it highlights your face. LinkedIn recommends making sure your face takes up at least 60% of the frame.

A caveat: selfies are nice and all, but there is such a thing as too close or too doctored up. When in doubt, have someone else take your photo or use the handy dandy self-timer feature on your phone or camera.

3. Wear What You’d Wear to Work

Work attire can vary across professions and industries, so there’s no singular dress code when it comes to profile photos. We hope you wouldn’t show up to work in a wrinkly blazer or with a bra strap hanging out. Make sure you avoid these at all costs especially when it’s time to take your profile photo.

A note on patterns: while they can be cute and trendy, some patterns can distract from the subject of the profile photo: you. Try to choose solid, complementary colors.

4. Smile… With Your Eyes!

While face masks have made smiling less frequent for some, your profile photo is a prime opportunity for reintroducing that beautiful smile. Whether with teeth or without, be sure you’re expressing a genuine smile. And you’ll know if you are by the look in your eyes.