Training & Go-Lives

Go-Lives are a crucial process to the healthcare system and can also be one of the most dreaded processes. CSI Healthcare IT mitigates this process with expertise solutions, staffing, and training to get your system ready for go-live.

Resources and Experience That Matters

We help your team create an efficient system when preparing for go-live with our resources and experience that lead to successful results.

  • A proven methodology that developed over 50+ go-lives
  • 98% consultant retention rate on go-live projects
  • More than 1,400 go-live resources placed in 2018
  • An Activation Professional Services Team with 50+ years of hands-on experience

Proven Approach

Our step-by-step approach establishes a system that is prepared for go-live from workflow to project and quality management.

  • Assess users’ learning needs
  • Leverage current training programs
  • Develop curricula & training materials
  • Identify & develop training resources
  • Prepare training facilities for ongoing use
  • Go-live support staffing & scheduling

Successful Go Live Projects

Our experienced planners are not afraid of Big Bang Go-Lives and we work hard to ensure that we excel in both client and consultant satisfaction through our go-live projects.

  • The Methodist Hospital System
  • Erlanger Health System
  • Boston Medical Center
  • UCONN Health
  • Atlantic Health System

A carefully planned go-live — with extensive, customized training — is absolutely essential for maximizing the value of your solution and minimizing disruption during its implementation.

Your go-live is the final and most critical milestone that leads to an overall successful implementation of your new system and the CSI Healthcare IT Professional Services Team is passionate about making this happen. CSI Healthcare IT has established a repeatable proven approach that allows healthcare organizations to recognize the value of their system from day one and support the mission-critical goal of improving patient care.

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